U.S. Highway 160 – US-491 to Cortez – Colorado

Drive America’s Highways for 30 miles east along the Trail of the Ancients (U.S. Highway 160) from US-491 to Cortez, Colorado ⛰️

The Trail of the Ancients is a National Scenic Byway located in the states of Colorado and Utah. The route highlights the archaeological and cultural history of southwestern Native American peoples and traverses the widely diverse geological landscape of the Four Corners region. It was the first National Scenic Byway that was designated solely for its archaeological sites. The entire route is approximately 480 miles –Wikipedia

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1 Comment

  1. gwg5640

    Beautiful. I like the scenery. Will be driving this route from New Mexico back to Portland in Aug. Can't wait. But I did get impression I was in an Formula-1 car watching this.

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