Interstate 270

Interstate 270 is a 35 mile Interstate in Maryland that travels between Interstate 495 and Interstate 70 in Frederick. Aside from the mainline, there is a 2 mile spur that travels to southbound Interstate 495 known as the Washington National Pike.

Interstate 270 in Ohio is a 55 mile loop of the capitol city of Columbus. Known locally as the Outerbelt or Jack Nicklaus Freeway, the zero milepost is at the junction with Interstate 71. It is one of four interstate loops not to share a designation with another interstate freeway.

Interstate 270 in Missouri is a 35 mile loop around St. Louis. Starting at an interchange with I-55, I-270 intersects I-44, I-64 and I-70 before turning east to cross I-55 once again north of St. Louis before crossing into Illinois at the Missippi River.

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