Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles along Interstate 55 south in Memphis, Tennessee

We start the video having just entered Tennessee on the Memphis-Arkansas bridge on I-55. Soon after, we reach the interchange with
Crump Blvd, where we (and I-55) turn south. For those of you who have never been on I-55 in Memphis, it’s really a set of connected short highway segments more than anything — in other words, to stay on I-55, you end up taking several exit ramps. Anyway, continuing south on I-55, we pass the Martin Luther King Jr. Riverside Park before turning eastward.

Crossing the junction with US-61, we continue east for about a mile before turning south again on an exit ramp at the junction with Interstate 240 and Interstate 69. Traveling generally south now on the combined I-55/I-69, we soon cross the junction with US-51 (Graceland).

The remainder of I-55 in Tennessee is pretty straight with a few exits before reaching the Mississippi state line, and the end of the video.

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