Drive America’s Highways for 118 miles north along Interstate 55 from Scott City near Cape Girardeau to St. Louis, Missouri.

We start the video entering I-55 at Scott City, just south of Cape Girardeau. Driving north, we soon pass through Cape Giradeau, crossing interchanges with MO-74 and Business 55 before turning more northwesterly to follow the Mississippi River.

Driving northwest, we cross interchanges with MO-51 and MO-32 before turning north again at an interchange with US-67 in Festus. At this point, we enter into a more suburban landscape as we make our way closer to St. Louis.

Just north of Arnold, we cross the interchange with Interstate 255 and 270 (We made a mistake in the video with this sign. In the video, it’s labeled solely as I-255 to Chicago and KC. It should read 255 to Chicago and 270 to KC.) Continuing north, we drive within spitting distance of the Mississippi River near Dutchtown before turning back inland to end the video just before the interchange with Interstate 44.