Interstate 55 – Cape Girardeau to St. Louis – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 118 miles north along Interstate 55 from Scott City near Cape Girardeau to St. Louis, Missouri.

We start the video entering I-55 at Scott City, just south of Cape Girardeau. Driving north, we soon pass through Cape Giradeau, crossing interchanges with MO-74 and Business 55 before turning more northwesterly to follow the Mississippi River.

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Driving northwest, we cross interchanges with MO-51 and MO-32 before turning north again at an interchange with US-67 in Festus. At this point, we enter into a more suburban landscape as we make our way closer to St. Louis.

Just north of Arnold, we cross the interchange with Interstate 255 and 270 (We made a mistake in the video with this sign. In the video, it’s labeled solely as I-255 to Chicago and KC. It should read 255 to Chicago and 270 to KC.) Continuing north, we drive within spitting distance of the Mississippi River near Dutchtown before turning back inland to end the video just before the interchange with Interstate 44.

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  1. Milton Callan

    Seeing those Cracker Barrel signs made me hungry. We don't have them in Los Angeles.

    • Interstate 411

      You don't have Waffle House either, which is a shame. 🙁

    • countenanceblog the expat

      Ironically, St. Louis isn't a big CB city.

    • Milton Callan

      @Interstate 411 I agree. On Friday morning I should be in Flagstaff and there is a Cracker Barrel there. I'll stop for breakfast. Besides, the Denny's there sucks. I probably won't get to a Waffle House until Plainfield IN, because I have a bunch of other restaurants to try and you can only eat so much.

    • Milton Callan

      @countenanceblog the expat I have been to the one in Rolla.

    • Interstate 411

      @Milton Callan Being as you're from the west, you should have a chain called the Black Bear Diner. SO much better than Cracker Barrell.

    • Milton Callan

      @Interstate 411 There is one in Tarzana, which is close to me. I'll check it out when I get back from PA. Thanks.

    • Interstate 411

      @Milton Callan Bring an appetite, or a partner. HUGE portions for really decent prices (at least here, not sure what silly CA surcharge you will have).

    • Leon Andrews

      Ate at one on Hwy 55 in Cape Girardeau with my parents coming from Memphis Tennessee to Iowa.I used to work at a CB in Mississippi so I was familiar with them.I find the food mediocre and expensive. Would much much rather go to Waffle House. But CB isn’t that horrible. One thing I hated was that CB discontinued the peanut butter pie. Shaft! I did get an orange cream soda (it’s bottled forget the company name). But the food was too expensive!

    • Interstate 411

      So…did you check out the Black Bear Diner? Also, reading back thru this thread: ALL denny's are horrible, imo. Went to one in Page, AZ and about ralphed.

    • Interstate 411

      @Leon Andrews stewarts orange soda — remembered from when i worked at CB eons ago.

  2. countenanceblog the expat

    StL to Cape in 27 minutes.Too bad it's only a video.Because after you do it a few times, you want to be able to do it that quickly.

    • Interstate 411

      I know, right. I've often wished I could drive as fast as I speed my videos up to….legally at least.Then again, some of my videos (the upcoming I-44 terminus in STL) are done in real time.

  3. Jonathan Crockett

    Out of curiosity what happened to the I-270 along with I-255?

    • Interstate 411

      Not sure. @countenanceblog may know.

  4. Main Man.

    Went through my town Festus Mo!

    • CaptainSpauIding

      Main Man. That place is a white trash toilet.

    • The Starman

      CaptainSpauIding not hardly

    • Interstate 411

      I still can't get over the name Festus

    • The Starman

      Interstate 411 yep they actually picked that name from the Bible. Originally Festus was named tanglefoot but the founders didn’t like it so the first name in the Bible they came to was Festus and that’s how they came up with it

    • Interstate 411

      @The Starman Ah. Interesting. Thanks for the history lesson 🙂

  5. Main Man.

    Highway 141 is actually Arnold/Fenton not Barnhart/ Antonia.

    • Interstate 411

      Yeah, not sure how that happened. This video seems to be really bad with the signage. Maybe I was tired 🙁

    • Interstate 411

      updated the description. thanks

    • Main Man.

      No problem love watching your videos. Especially when you go threw my town.

    • Interstate 411


  6. Main Man.


  7. Leon Andrews

    Missouri uses letters and not numbers for routes which I have always found weird KK, BB, N etc., instead of using numerals. Supposedly only Missouri and Wisconsin does this.

    • Interstate 411

      They use numbers. From what I've been told, the letters are secondary state roads, rarely crossing between counties

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