Interstate 55 – Arkansas to Sikeston – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 66 miles north along Interstate 55 from the Arkansas to Sikeston, Missouri.

We start the video entering the Missouri Boot Heel at mile 0 on I-55. Crossing the state line, we soon enter Hayti and pass the interchange with Interstate 155, which will take you to Dyersburg, TN and future Interstate 69.

Continuing north, we cross interchanges with MO-162 and US-62 before entering the Sikeston area and our destination — the (current*) western terminus of Interstate 57.

*In 2017, legislation was passed designating the US-67 / US-60 corridor as future I-57, thus making the future western terminus North Little Rock, Arkansas. At the time of this video (October 2017), the western terminus is still at the I-55/US-60 interchange south of Sikeston, Missouri.

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  1. countenanceblog the expat

    I just happened to be in these parts over the weekend, for a fishing and BBQ trip that was one of my birthday presents.

    • Interstate 411

      Awesome…I guess? Not too fond of that area. Lamberts is ok up in Sikeston and so is Boomland in Charleston, but the rest…meh. Happy Birthday!!!

    • countenanceblog the expat

      Because it's so close to Memphis, there are a handful of Memphis style BBQ restaurants in the various towns in the bootheel and the delta. Lambert's is okay in terms of food, but it's a tourist trap because of the roll throwing schtick, and it gained popularity because it gave free food to long haul passenger bus drivers, who would obviously stop there and pretty much compel everyone on the bus to eat there.

    • Interstate 411

      Indeed it is a tourist trap…but after driving for hours through BFE Kentucky, it's always a welcome sight 🙂

  2. tara bellmon

    Wow are you from blytheville Arkansas because I live there now ☺

    • Interstate 411

      Nope. We are in the region, however.

  3. beatapt5

    Nothing personal, but I'm from this area. Why would anyone bother to video this section of I-55. Absolute nothingness.

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