Interstate 40 – Mile 131 – Mile 113 – Texas

Drive 19 miles west on Interstate 40 in Texas as we travel from the Gray County Safety Rest Area near the McClellan Creek National Grassland to Exit 113 in Groom.

Groom does have a segment of Route 66, but it truly is a dying little town and there isn’t much to see — at least according to the guidebooks — so we skipped it more or less. There is one “attraction” along this route and that’s the “Leaning Tower of Texas” located just before Groom (between Exit 114 and Exit 113). You can see it on the right towards the end of this video.

NOTE: Around the 2:15 mark a giant bug decided to test fate with my windshield and lost. It’s ugly and nasty looking so I put a translucent oval over it until my driving-self realizes it’s there and uses the wipers a minute or so later. Sorry about this.

Along this route, the interstate overlaps the old Route 66 and at one time was signed as Route 66. We have marked such segments in this and all future videos with appropriate signage during the overlap.


Drankin Song by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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