Interstate 40 – Memphis to Little Rock – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 135 miles west along Interstate 40 from Memphis to Little Rock, Arkansas

We start the video crossing the Hernando De Soto Bridge from Memphis at the Arkansas state line. Entering West Memphis, we soon merge with Interstate 55 and run concurrent with it for a few miles until it turns north at a Y interchange northwest of West Memphis.

At this point, the video speeds up as we enter the eastern Arkansas farm country. Largely flat with nothing much to see, we cross through the Mississippi River floodplain for about 35 miles or so until we reach Crowley’s Ridge and Forrest City. Continuing largely southwest, we pass through the towns of Palestine and Brinkley before crossing the White River and the town of Hazen before reaching the outer borders of the Little Rock metro in Lonoke.

Just west of Lonoke, we pass the junction with Interstate 440 and AR-440 — the east-belt freeway – and enter North Little Rock. I-40 never really reaches the city of Little Rock, instead, passing a few miles to the north, with Interstate 30 providing access to downtown. Before the terminal interchange, we pass the junction with US-67/US-167/Future I-57 which serves the northern cities of the metro.

We end the video at the terminal interchange — the eastern terminus of Interstate 30 at Interstate 40.


  1. countenanceblog the expat

    3:22Every time I've been on or driven this stretch, I've taken the other option.

    • Interstate 411

      I was wondering where you went off to…You should try going this way next time. Surprisingly, Little Rock (and points northwest in AR) aren't all that bad 🙂

    • countenanceblog the expat

      Nah, it's just that I've never had the opportunity or need to use 40 west of West Memphis.I was in Germany and the Czech Republic for six weeks, from the beginning of June to the middle of this month. Largely sightseeing and tracing back my roots.

    • Interstate 411

      Awesome. Beautiful lands out that way — I love that part of Europe. Welcome back and hope the reverse culture shock isn't too painful 🙂

    • countenanceblog the expat

      And, yes, as part of the travelogue which I hope to be able to write soon, I have some roadgeek-y observations.

  2. israel fernandez

    amo esa ruta la trancite x mas de 7 añosnice bro,,,

    • Interstate 411

      No es uno de nuestros favoritos. Muchos mejores en Arkansas. Conduce seguro, mi amigo.

  3. WillySchoe

    Very nice songs in the beginning. What’s were the names?

  4. Branded McGowan

    I travel this road every year. But i come from the hazen or Brinkley exit from pine Bluff to Memphis and back. This highway during the day is a congested headache full of semis construction zones and tailgating motorists, sometimes the traffic comes to a complete stop cause of this. But still a nice road to travel on when going on vacation getting away from home.

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