Interstate 40 – Memphis to Arlington – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 24 miles along Interstate 40 from mile marker 00 at the Arkansas State Line in Memphis to Arlington at exit 24/25

The video starts with us crossing the Mississippi River on the Hernando de Soto Bridge into Tennessee and Downtown Memphis. Shortly after crossing the state line, we meet the interchange with US-51 – Danny Thomas Blvd (Exit 1B) before turning north at the junction with the northwest terminus of Interstate 240. After the merge onto I-40 east, we drive the future I-69 corridor to State Route 300 (exit 2A, signed as US-51) before I-40 turns east.

We travel east for about 8 miles before we intersect the northeast terminus of Interstate 240 and Sam Cooper Blvd. Our older video of this has this interchange under construction, so if you want to see what that was like, choose the middle video below. As I-40 continues east, it becomes the Isaac Hayes Memorial Highway and the Tennessee Music Highway. We follow I-40 through the interchange with U.S. 64 at Wolfchase before ending at Interstate 269 — Formerly Tennessee Highway 385 (exit 24/25).


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