Interstate 40 – Kingman to California – Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 44 miles west along Interstate 40 from Kingman to California in Arizona

We start the video driving south on Interstate 40, just southwest of Kingman in the community of McConnico. Continuing south through Yucca, I-40 turns west again just before the AZ-95 interchange to Lake Havasu City.

Entering the Havasu national Wildlife Refuge, I-40 descends a few hundred feet before reaching the Colorado River and the California State Line, where we end the video just inside California.

TLDR; we drive from one end of the Oatman Highway (RT 66) to the other on I-40 🙂




  1. Milton Callan

    That is a welcome sight after a cross country trip. However, it's been many years since I saw it in daylight.

    • Interstate 411

      I imagine at night, it would be awesome to just pull off the road somewhere and look up.

    • Milton Callan

      @Interstate 411 That's right. The clearest sky you will ever see. And it is best out in the middle of nowhere because, even in the rest areas, the parking lights dim the view of the stars.

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