Interstate 40 – Jackson to Nashville – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 132 miles along Interstate 40 from Jackson to Nashville, Tennessee

The video starts as we drive south on US-45 Bypass in Jackson as we cross over and then merge onto Interstate 40 east. Continuing east on I-40, we we pass through the town of Parkers Crossroads before crossing the Tennessee and Buck rivers near Bucksnort.

At this point, Interstate 40 turns northeast towards Dickson and state route 46 and 48 (both to Centerville and Dickson) before resuming a generally east direction. Just past Dickson, we cross the western terminus of Interstate 840 (formerly Tennessee State Highway 840) on the western edge of the Nashville metro.

Entering the metro, we cross the junctions of U.S. Highway 70S in Bellevue, U.S. Highway 70 in Nashville and the Briley Parkway (TN-155) before crossing the northwest terminus of Interstate 440. Inside Nashville, we turn south onto I-40 east and I-65 south just west of downtown before leaving I-65 south of downtown.

Turning east at the I-65 interchange, we continue to the Interstate 24 interchange east of downtown where we turn southeast towards the airport and Interstate 24 towards Huntsville where the video ends.

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