Interstate 269 – Arlington to Millington – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 17 miles west along Interstate 269 from Arlington to Millington in Tennessee.

We start the video merging onto I-269 from Interstate 40 east. Soon, we pass the junction with US-79 as TN-385 turns west towards Millington.

The route itself is dotted with rolling hills interspersed with a few local interchanges, one of which for the Naval Support Center, and TN-204. Shortly after this interchange we cross one final local interchange before the interstate ends at US-51, just south of Millington.

Note: This is a duplicate video of Tennessee Highway 385 from Arlington to Millington. At the time of publishing, Interstate 269 has yet to be signed north of Interstate 40, however in the near future that will change, and this is reflected in Google Maps. There are currently no exit numbers along this route, so when I-269 is signed, that will change as well. We are providing this video signed as both for your convenience.

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