Interstate 15 – Mile 54 to Mile 72 – Nevada

Drive America’s Highways for 18 miles north from mile 54 to mile 72 along Interstate 15 in Nevada.

This is a remastered and re-edited version of an older video. We start out entering I-15 just northeast of Las Vegas, near the Speedway. Continuing northeast for 18 miles, we pass through the Nevada desert crossing an interchange with U.S. Highway 93 at exit 64 as it branches off to the north towards Crystal Springs. (This is the exit to take if you want to go to Rachel and see all the weird going-ons at Area 51.) Moving on, we continue on I-15 for the remaining 8 or so miles to mile 72, where we  continue the route

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  1. Keith Todd

    Hey, stay off of US 50 West of I-15. Beth and I plan to run it for you next spring.

  2. Shawn McGuirk

    Need to run Gallup, NM up to Moab,Ut…to I15 south of Salt Lake City. Beautiful run!

  3. Denise Story

    Call Jamie when u get close.

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