Indiana State Highways

The Indiana State Highway System, not including Interstates or US Numbered Highways, consists of 241 state roads. These roads are maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and provide a network of transportation throughout the state.

The state roads are numbered in a sequential system, with the numbers starting at 1 and increasing as the roads move away from Indianapolis. The roads are also divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary roads are the most important roads in the state and are used for long-distance travel. Secondary roads are less important and are used for local travel.

The state roads are an important part of the transportation system in Indiana. They provide a network of roads that connect communities throughout the state and allow people to travel safely and efficiently.

Here are some additional details about the Indiana State Highway System:

  • The total length of the state roads is 11,169 miles.
  • The state roads are maintained by INDOT, which is a state agency responsible for transportation in Indiana.
  • The state roads are funded by a combination of state and federal funds.

The Indiana State Highway System is an important part of the state’s infrastructure. It provides a safe and efficient way for people to travel throughout the state. The state roads are also an important economic driver, as they help to connect businesses and communities.