Historic Route 66 – Rolla – Missouri

Drive America’s Highways for 6 miles west along the historic mother road from exit 189 to the Kingshighway junction with Interstate 44 on the west side of Rolla.

We start the video turning on to the historic Route 66 from MO-V east of Rolla. Driving west, we make a quick stop as GPS was going wonky before continuing down the older of the two alignments through this part of town before turning left (south) onto US-63. Running concurrent with US-63 through the majority of Rolla, we pass by the Missouri University of Science and Technology and stonehenge before turning right (west) onto Kingshighway.

Continuing west, we cross the western terminus of MO-72 before entering the first of two roundabouts that control the ramps to I-44. Driving completely around the first to make sure there weren’t any Rt 66 spurs anywhere, we cross I-44 and proceed through the second roundabout where we end the video entering Interstate 44.



  1. Danny Creech

    You missed some of the old original 66 in Rolla.

    • Interstate 411

      Funny thing, that. I was fighting my GPS in Rolla and had 2 screaming kids. Needless to say, along with Chicago to STL, I plan on re-doing my STL to Springfield bit due to some errors and, well, things like this that I missed :|Now, can someone point me to the money tree? 🙂

  2. Jewelprincess

    ROLLA SUCKS!!! Rolla is the home of depressions, meth, PCOS, unhealthy mentality unstable women, obesity & misery!!!


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