U.S. Highway 380 – Greenville to McKinney – Texas

Drive America’s Highways for 28 miles west along U.S. Highway 380 from Greenville to McKinney, Texas

We start the video entering US-380 at the intersection with Texas Highway 302 west of Greenville. Continuing west, we pass through the town of Floyd before reaching Farmersville and an intersection with Texas Highway 78, where we take a quick fuel stop. Back on U.S. Highway 380, we soon cross Lavon Lake and the town of Princeton before entering McKinney where we end the video at the intersection with Airport Dr.

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  1. Ken

    This is a great video. I am not sure if anyone can answer my question. I see this could be a good highway for long-distance cycling since there is a small way on the side . Do you see cyclists on this path, especially on weekends? I am not sure if it's allowed though.

    • Interstate 411

      Being as it's full of at-grade intersections I would assume it is. You may want to call Texas Dept. of Public Safety and ask them.

  2. Timothy Mai Tran STMT08official

    We’ll upgrade the full version from Denton to Collin County University Drive 380 Corridor soon

  3. Donavan Johnson

    Great trip from Greenville TX to Mckinney TX on us highway 380 West

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