U.S. Highway 67: Newport to Bald Knob – Arkansas [Future I-57]

🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 30 miles south along U.S. Highway 67 from Newport to Bald Knob, Arkansas.

We start the drive from Newport to Bald Knob entering U.S. Route 67 from AR-18 in Newport. Initially driving south, we turn southwest at the interchange with AR-384, where we continue in that direction to leave Newport just before the interchange with AR-17. Continuing southwest, we cross the White River to enter Bradford, passing the interchange with Arkansas Highway 14 along the way. In Bradford, we cross the junction with highway 87, to continue southwest on highway 67 towards Bald Knob.

Passing one final interchange at Russell, we enter Bald Knob where we turn east to end the video at the interchange with U.S. Highway 167 and U.S. Highway 64.


  1. David Tousley

    I would like to know the dates of the openings of each section of the new 4 – lane us67 as it progressed northward toward pocahontas. I’m not finding it. This would be an historical fact for future generations as it becomes I-57. Make it more available.

    • websupport

      Well, I’m sure ardot will publish info as it becomes available. All I know for sure is that the routing has been approved for the new extension, and that upgrades are being made to the existing segments in prep for I-57 upgrade.

      Here is Ardots inquiry site: https://ardot.govqa.us/webapp/_rs/(S(24tulka3rtg5sxamdtsbmtnu))/SupportHome.aspx?sSessionID=


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