Interstate 49 – Bella Vista to Fayetteville – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 31 miles south along Interstate 49 from Bella Vista to Fayetteville in Arkansas

We start at the northern terminus of Interstate 49 in Arkansas at US-71 in Bella Vista heading southward towards Fayetteville. After merging onto I-49, we continue through Bentonville, passing interchanges with US-62, AR-72, and Walton Blvd. Continuing south, we enter into Springdale and cross the interchange with US-412 (there is a new 412 bypass at exit 77, which at the time of this video was still under construction).

Entering Fayetteville, we soon enter on the old Fullbright Expressway, which was the original controlled access highway around Fayetteville before being re-signed I-540 and then I-49 later.

Crossing the AR-16 and UArk exits, we end the video at the Fullbright Expressway’s southern terminus at US-71, just south of Fayetteville.

Note:  Around 2:26 a sign is mis-labled.  It should be EAST US-62, not EAST KY-1682.  We had a template fail 🙂  Thanks @arroadscholar for pointing this out.

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