๐Ÿš™ Drive America’s Highways for 9 miles east along U.S. Highway 64 in Tulsa, Oklahoma ๐Ÿค 

We start the video merging onto US-64 in downtown Tulsa. Driving east, we soon reach the interchange with U.S. Highway 75 as we leave downtown. Turning southeast at 15th street, we parallel a rail line as we traverse southeast Tulsa.

Near the Sheridan Rd interchange, we make a slight S curve as the rail line leaves the corridor and we approach the interchange with Interstate 44. Continuing southeast, we pass through the Fulton area as we approach the interchange with US-169/64 where we end the video continuing on OK-51.

Note:ย  As of the publishing date of this video, the downtown portion of US-64 is closed in Tulsa.ย  When it re-opens, if there are significant fixes and upgrades, we will replace this with newer footage.


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