U.S. Highway 70 – Brownsville to Lakeland – Tennessee

Drive America’s Highways for 36 miles west along US-70 from Brownsville to Lakeland, Tennessee.️

NOTE: This entire route is cosigned with US-79 and TN-1.

We start the video on the southwest side of Brownsville at the intersection with Grand Ave/TN-1. Driving generally southwest, we soon cross the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge before entering Stanton at an intersection with TN-179.

Continuing southwest on US-70 out of Stanton, we pass through Mason and Braden at intersections with TN-59 in both towns. As we approach the Memphis metro area, we pass through Gallaway before reaching the interchange with Interstate 269/TN-385 in Arlington.

Staying on US-70, out of Arlington, we end the video at the intersection with Canada Road, just inside the city limits of .


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