U.S. Highway 425 – Pine Bluff to Star City – Arkansas

Drive America’s Highways for 27 miles south along U.S. Highway 425 from Pine Bluff to Star City in Arkansas.

We start the video turning onto US-425 ‘s northern terminus U.S. Highway 65 just east of Pine Bluff. Driving generally south, we turn generally southeast around the intersection with Arkansas Highway 980. Continuing southeast, we return to a southerly direction just past the intersection with AR-199 as we pass through the towns of Yorktown and Nebo.

Making a short turn to the southwest before returning south, we enter Star City where we end the video the intersection with Arkansas Highway 11.



  1. Anonymous

    amazing content my guy

  2. Corey Smith

    Nice scenery

    • Branded McGowan

      I can get to Star City quickly by taking AR 530 South off interstate 530 or if you going to Monticello you can stay on 530 till you reached AR 11 while construction is still ongoing and i believe AR 530 is a future spur route to interstate 69 going to Louisiana or Texas.

    • Interstate 411

      @Branded McGowan That is correct. 530 is the "new way" but is still a 2 lane highway from Pine Bluff to Star City and only exists in patches south of that.Further south, I-69 has been built as a 2 lane bypass around the southeast side of Monticello with more starting, I think, this year.

    • Corey Smith

      @Interstate 411 The Monticello bypass will be extended east. Will be be a four lane or will be a two lane road?

    • Interstate 411

      @Corey Smith Not 100% sure. Being as it's going to be I-69 at some point, I would assume 4.

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