? Drive America’s Highways for 8 miles south along MO-465 from US-65 to MO-76 in Branson, Missouri. ?️

We start the video at the intersection with US-65 and MO-465 just north of Branson. Driving west along the Ozark Mountain Highroad, we soon cross the only interchange on this route with MO-248 before turning generally south.

Continuing south, we pass Waterfall Hollow before crossing Roark Creek before reaching the southern terminus of the highroad at MO-76, just west of Branson. We end the video on the intersection of MO-76 and MO-465.



  1. Regal3800

    Wow, that’s absolutely breathtaking. I’m gonna have to make a road trip out there one day. Awesome video, and great channel!

  2. Io Szeged

    Love these kinds of videos


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