I-69 - MM 148 - MM 68

Interstate 69 – Mile 148 – Mile 68 – Kentucky

πŸš— Drive America’s Highways for 80 miles along Interstate 69 from mile 148 to mile 68 in Kentucky πŸ‡

Let’s Drive the recently signed Interstate 69 in Kentucky. We start the route at the northern terminus at the Audubon Parkway just southeast of Henderson, Kentucky and drive south about 50 miles to the Western Kentucky Parkway where we turn west until the current western terminus of I-69 in Kentucky at Interstate 24 near Eddyville.

A few notes, KDOT and INDOT is in the process of building an Ohio River bridge to connect the two disjointed sections of I-69 (Evansville – Henderson: https://interstate411.us/ky-us-41-indiana-state-line-i-69/) which will add a few miles to the route on the north end. They are estimating sometime between 2022 and 2032 for completion, and it will most likely be tolled.

Finally, this video updates the following videos:


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