Interstate 75 – Dayton to Cincinnati – Ohio

Drive America’s Highways for 52 miles south along Interstate 75 from Dayton to Cincinnati in Ohio.

We start the video merging onto Interstate 75 from US 35 in downtown Dayton. Driving south, we soon reach the interchange with SR-725 near Miamisburg before reaching the southern terminus for I-675.

Continuing south, we pass through Franklin, Springboro and Middletown and Monroe before reaching an interchange for SR-129 and the northern edges of the Cincinnati metro. Soon we reach the (new) interchange with Interstate 275 — Cincinnati’s beltway and the city of Sharonville.

Inside 275, Interstate 75 becomes a rather tricky highway to navigate if you aren’t used to it. Multiple curves, narrow lanes and lots of traffic make this a pretty treacherous stretch for non-locals and locals alike, so be careful as you drive I-75 through Cincy.

As we enter Cincinnati proper, we cross the Ronald Regan Cross County Hwy (SR-126) and the Norwood interchange with SR-562 before reaching the southern terminus of Interstate 74 — the original I-74 before North Carolina pulled their little stunt, but we digress.

Entering downtown Cincinnati, we snake our way through a few more interchanges (going all the way to 1F) before Interstate 71 joins us to cross the Ohio River into Kentucky on the Brent Spence Bridge. We end the video just across the river in Covington, KY.


  1. Jim Brosky

    when was this footage shot?

    • Interstate 411

      Autumn, 2017.Is there something particular you are looking for? Perhaps we have it elsewhere.

  2. Jesse Frost

    Cincinnati has such a biggg metro area ❤️❤️‼️

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