Interstate 70 – Richmond to Dayton – Ohio

Drive America’s Highways for 33 miles east along Interstate 70 from Richmond to Dayton, Ohio

We start the video just past the entrance ramp from U.S. Highway 40 in Richmond, Indiana. Seconds after the start of the video, we cross in to Ohio, and the big blue arch displaying the welcome sign.

Our first interchange is a partial interchange with U.S. 35 east (Eaton, Dayton — we forgot to add the sign in the video) followed by a full interchange with U.S. Highway 127

Soon, we find ourselves passing Lewisburg at an interchange at Ohio State Route 503 as we push into the western edges of the Dayton metro area. Entering the metro in Brookville, we cross the interchange with Ohio State Route 49 north (Greenville) and shortly after, the interchange with OH-49 south (Trotwood).

Interstate 70 never officially travels through the City of Dayton, but rather the northern suburbs. The closest I-70 gets to being in Dayton is at the Airport interchange (exit 32), and that is a mile north or so at the closest. Passing the Airport interchange, we exit I-70 and end the video at the interchange with Interstate 75 south (Dayton).

See this route westbound.

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  1. Milton Callan

    Another great video. I didn't know that OH exit 10 has both a T/A and a Pilot! Good to know. I'm usually flying through there well after midnight so I have missed it over the years.

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