Drive America’s Highways for 187 miles along Interstate 40 from Nashville to Memphis in Tennessee

We start the video at exit 199 on the west side of the Nashville metro. Heading west on I-40 – The Music Highway, we soon cross the interchange with US-70S before reaching the western terminus of Interstate 840 and the town of Dickson.

As we generally descend from the highlands that are central and eastern Tennessee, we make our way through Bucksnort and across the Tennessee River to the Natchez Trace State Park and Forest near the town of Parker’s Crossroads and into Jackson.

Leaving Jackson, we continue southwest on Interstate 40 through the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge and the town of Brownsville. As we get closer to Memphis, the road flattens out and the police presence seems to pick up. Before we know it, we are at the interchange with the new Interstate 269 (which is officially I-269 but still signed as TN-385) and the outskirts of the Memphis metro.

Entering the metro, we make a few stops at US-64 and Germantown Pkwy before continuing into the city to end the video at Whitten Road.

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Seed-N-Feed, Greasy Spoon, Up and Coming, Bright Future, Where the Spirit Takes Me, Strong Rhythms, Flying on Sunlight, Walk Home, Rocking Blues, and Off The Hook —

Heart Strings and Sunny Looks Good on You — YouTube music library

A Courageous Light Instrumental –

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