Interstate 15 – Barstow to Nevada – California

Drive America’s Highways for 117 miles north along Interstate 15 in California from Barstow to Nevada.

Merging back onto I-15 north from exit 178, we start the video just southwest of Barstow proper. Crossing the interchange with CA-58 (future I-40?), we turn east to travel through Barstow. At the western terminus of Interstate 40, we continue northeast on I-15, crossing the Mojave River to leave Barstow.

Driving generally east northeast, we drive through the Mojave Desert, passing everyone’s favorite exit: Zzyzx Rd, as we make our way towards Baker and, ultimately, Nevada. In Baker, we continue on I-15, skirting the Mojave National Preserve as we make our way through Halloran Springs and Mountain Pass, where we stop at a rest area for a brief pit stop.

Leaving the rest area, we make our way north, passing a solar farm or two before reaching the Nevada state line at Primm, where we end the video.



  1. Milton Callan

    Another great video! It is amazing how you don't get the impression of grade on the 15 mile valley just north of Baker and on the Nipton hill right before Primm. The landscape looks so flat.

  2. Matt Schneider

    What's the speed limit? 120?

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