Drive America’s Highways for 117 miles north along Interstate 15 in California from Barstow to Nevada.

Merging back onto I-15 north from exit 178, we start the video just southwest of Barstow proper. Crossing the interchange with CA-58 (future I-40?), we turn east to travel through Barstow. At the western terminus of Interstate 40, we continue northeast on I-15, crossing the Mojave River to leave Barstow.

Driving generally east northeast, we drive through the Mojave Desert, passing everyone’s favorite exit: Zzyzx Rd, as we make our way towards Baker and, ultimately, Nevada. In Baker, we continue on I-15, skirting the Mojave National Preserve as we make our way through Halloran Springs and Mountain Pass, where we stop at a rest area for a brief pit stop.

Leaving the rest area, we make our way north, passing a solar farm or two before reaching the Nevada state line at Primm, where we end the video.