Interstate 11 – Henderson to Arizona

Drive America’s Highways for 16 miles south along the new Interstate 11 from Henderson to Arizona.

We start the video traveling south on Interstate 515 as it becomes Interstate 11 in Henderson, Nevada. Soon, we pass the Railroad Pass Casino as we turn eastward and cross the US-95 interchange. Bypassing Boulder City to the south, we reach a scenic rest area overlooking Lake Mead. Leaving the rest area, we cross just west of the Hoover Dam as we cross into Arizona (and a different time zone) and end the video as Interstate 11 turns into U.S. Highway 93.



  1. DOT (Drive On Transportation)

    I needed this

    • Interstate 411

      Glad we could help

  2. jpiuvara

    Any word on the progress from the Arizona side?

  3. Dave Zobel Jr

    wish they would build an interstate between Las Vegas and San Francisco

    • A R

      God no. Keep the Californians in California

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