Arkansas Highway 27 – Rover to Danville

Drive America Highways for 8 miles north along Arkansas Highway 27 from Rover to Danville.

We start the video turning north onto Arkansas Highway 27 at the junction with Arkansas Highway 28 just north of Rover. Initially driving northeast, we turn north about a half a mile into the drive to enter the Ouachita National Forest, where we snake to the top of one of the many mountains in the area. As we crest the mountain and begin our rather steep descent, we pass a couple of Forest Service roads before reaching the junction with Arkansas Highway 80 at the bottom.

Continuing north into Danville on AR-27, we end the video at the intersection with Arkansas Highway 10 – E. 8th Street.


  1. John Derosa

    need a better camera.

    • Interstate 411

      We'd love to have better gear. Unfortunately, there is only so much funding to go around. We are always appreciative of donations — there is a donation link on the bottom of Thanks

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