Arkansas Highway 22 – Paris to Dardanelle

Drive America Highways for 34 miles east along Arkansas Highway 22 from Paris to Dardanelle.

Starting off at the corner of 5th street and Walnut Street in Paris, we head east along the True Grit Trail — Arkansas Highway 22 — through commercial and industrial areas as we make our way out of town. As we leave the clustered houses of town behind, we ride through the rolling hills of the Arkansas River Valley, with farmland on either side of us and the majestic Mount Magazine in the distance to our south.

Soon, we reach the town of Subiaco, where we pass the intersection with Arkansas Highway 197 and Subiaco Academy — A Catholic Boarding School for boys. Continuing east out of Subiaco on AR-22, the landscape flattens out a little bit and we start seeing more trees along the highway as we approach the town of Midway.

At Midway, we pass the intersection with Arkansas Highway 109 as we continue from Paris to Dardanelle on Highway 22. Approaching New Blaine, we turn northeast right after the intersection with Artesian Well Rd to cross Brushy Creek and turning southeast to enter New Blaine. Curving through the small town of New Blaine, we cross two intersections with Historic Arkansas Highway 22, now Arkansas Highway 197, before resuming our ride from Paris to Dardanelle.

Staying eastbound on the Highway 22 (the Butterfield Trail), we continue through the Arkansas River Valley, passing numerous farms and wooded areas, all with the beautiful Ouachita Mountains serving as a backdrop. Just before reaching Lake Dardanelle, we pass through the small town of Delaware and AR-393. Leaving Delaware, we cross Lake Dardanelle — a major reservoir on the Arkansas River — twice, entering the town of Dardanelle shortly after the second crossing.

Entering Dardanelle from the north, we pass the eastern terminus of Arkansas Highway 155 and the end of the drive at the intersection with Arkansas Highway 7.

Looking for this route westbound? Watch it here.



  1. Dashcam Diner

    I'm pretty sure I saw myself in that video.

    • Interstate 411

      Where you out filming too?

    • Interstate 411

      @Dashcam Diner Right on. I found myself in that area quite a few times last year. I imagine it will be the same this year too as we try to focus our rides in west AR instead of NW AR this year. Stay safe out there! Off to film some new roads in Nashville!

  2. John Derosa

    Great video ride. Wish you could post a drive through Old Military Road.

    • Interstate 411

      Which one is Old Military Road? There are a few of those in Arkansas. I may already have it, but if not, I may be able to get it this year 🙂

    • John Derosa

      @Interstate 411 Old Military Road is a long country road that runs through New Blaine, Paris.

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