Arkansas Highway 15 – Altheimer to England

Drive America’s Highways for 19 miles north along Arkansas Highway 15 from Altheimer to England in Arkansas

We start the video at the intersection of AR-15 and US-79B just west of Altheimer. Driving northeast, we turn sharply southwest as we enter the town of Sherrill. Driving north out of Sherrill, we pass Tucker as we make our way into England, where we end the video at the intersection with US-165.


  1. Kattie

    loved it

  2. Terry Bane

    Enjoyed the ride along……hope to see more soon.

  3. Jabberwockybird

    So tempted to go there to look for signs that say "AR 15"

    • Interstate 411

      In that area of the state, if there are any, they have likely been stolen already. You would be better off just getting the shield sign and letting people figure out the meaning 🙂

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