Arkansas Highway 125 – Highway 14 to Peel Ferry

Drive America’s Highways for 12 miles north along Arkansas Highway 125 from Highway 14 to Peel Ferry.

We start the video turning onto Highway 125 from Arkansas Highway 14, about 15 miles north of Yellville. Driving generally north, we wind our way around and down a low mountain as we drive closer to Bull Shoals Lake. About 5 miles along, we cross the intersection with Locust Road, which becomes AR-268, as we continue northward towards Peel.

At Peel, we stay northbound on Highway 125 descending in elevation as we get closer to the ferry. As the road straightens out after our gentle descent, we enter the Hwy 125 Use Area, where we continue down to the shoreline on AR-125. We end the video pulling onto the ferry.



  1. A Google User

    Arkansas is a truly "Natural State". Beautiful scenery throughout

  2. countenanceblog the expat

    Humorous but apropos side note: This started with an ad (in English) about Hamburg, Germany's traffic congestion problems and the advertiser's tech-based solutions in alleviating it.I've been to Hamburg twice, in fact, spent most of February there, and I can attest about its traffic problems. Then again, starting the next month, its traffic problems got a lot better.

    • Interstate 411

      Trying to find the reference to Hamburg here…. :)But, I'm happy to see you are still around. I've missed your comments 🙂

    • countenanceblog the expat

      @Interstate 411 Nothing directly, the only common denominators are roads and traffic. It's as if Google's ad algorithm also figured it out.

    • Interstate 411

      Right on. I wouldn't be surprised with Google's ads…they have lots riding on their algorithm's accuracy 🙂

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