Arkansas Highway 109 – Midway to Clarksville

Drive America Highways for 13 miles north along Arkansas Highway 109 from Midway to Clarksville.

The video starts as we turn north onto Arkansas Highway 109 from Arkansas Highway 22 in Midway. Driving north, our first few miles are spent in the company of trees as we make our way around a few bends and over some small hills. As we approach Scranton, the scenery changes to that of farms and agriculture. Passing the intersection with AR-228, Highway 109 navigates several sharp bends before entering the small town of Scranton.

At Scranton, we cross Arkansas Highway 197 as we continue north towards the Arkansas River and Clarksville. Leaving Scranton, we pass AR-393 as we enter the community of Morrison Bluff on the south side of the Arkansas River. Crossing the Arkansas River via the Morrison Bluff Bridge or Ada Mills Bridge — a long 2-lane bridge, we enter Clarksville where we cross Crawford St and a major distribution complex. Staying north on 109, we drive the final mile in Clarksville to end the video at the northern terminus of Arkansas Highway 109 at U.S. Highway 64.


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