Arkansas Highway 103 – Oark to Clarksville (Harmony)

Drive America Highways for 13 miles south along Arkansas Highway 103 from Oark to Clarksville (Harmony)

We start the video at the eastern terminus of Arkansas Highway 215 in Oark. Driving west for about a mile, we soon reach the intersection with Arkansas Highway 103. Turning southbound at the northern terminus of highway 103, we continue south, descending in elevation along a relatively straight path. A few miles later, we begin a steeper descent out of the Ozarks with the road becoming curvier around every bend.

Passing the intersection with CR-4160, we negotiate several sharp switchbacks and steep descents for about 4 miles before reaching the bottom of the mountains. Finally out of the Ozarks, we continue south for about 2 miles before turning gently southeast to enter the community of Harmony, just northwest of Clarksville. Just northwest of Harmony, we reach the intersection with AR-164, where we end the video turning westbound.



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