Arkansas Highway 10 – Perry to Williams Junction

Drive America Highways for 14 miles east along Arkansas Highway 10 from Perry to Williams Junction in Arkansas

We start the video turning right onto a conjoined Arkansas Highway 10 / Arkansas Highway 9 at an intersection in Perry. Driving generally south, we leave Perry and after crossing a small mountain, we enter the town of Perryville. Crossing the intersection with AR-60 west, we continue south through Perryville, eventually passing the intersection with AR-60 east. Staying on Highway 9/10, we leave Perryville as we cross the Fouche La Fave river.

Continuing south, we cross over the low foothills of the Ouachita Mountains as we pass through the community of Thornburg, descending with each bend in the road. Reaching the bottom of one of the ranges of the Ouachita Mountains, we enter the community of Williams Junction, where we end the video continuing east on Arkansas Highway 10 as Highway 9 continues south.


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