Arkansas Highway 10 – Danville to Ola

Drive America Highways for 11 miles east along Arkansas Highway 10 from Danville to Ola.

We start the video turning east onto Arkansas Highway 10 from a concurrent AR-10/AR-27 in Danville. Continuing out of town on Highway 10, we drive just outside the north side of a small spur of the Ouachita National Forest — even cutting through a small sliver of it when we leave Danville. Around the eastern edge of the National Forest, we turn southeast to enter Ola, where we turn right south onto a combined Highway 10 and Highway 7 to end the video at the Y junction with AR-7 and AR-10 on the south side of Ola.


  1. Marvin

    Nothing as beautiful as home !! I love ola and Danville I grew up in both places!

    • Interstate 411

      it's definitely a pretty area

  2. LeeAnn Mettlach

    It is a beautiful area! I used to have family there that we would visit.

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