🚙 Drive America’s Highways for 15 miles along Interstate 40 from Exit 127 to Exit 142 in Arkansas 💎

Starting off at U.S. Highway 64 (Oak Street) in Conway (exit 127) we cross the Arkansas Highway 60 (Dave Ward Dr) interchange (exit 128) before leaving Conway. A short time later, we enter the town of Mayflower, crossing Arkansas Highway 89 (exit 135). If you recall, Mayflower is one of the towns that was hit pretty hard a few years later by a massive tornado. Very little of the damage remains, but if you look closely just past the exit, you can see where there used to be some buildings and trees that are no longer there due to the tornado. Once we are out of Mayflower, we turn east and enter Pulaski County and a few miles later, the end of the video at Arkansas Highway 100 – Morgan / Maumelle (exit 142).

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